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ROD WELD 6010 3/32

ROD WELD 6010 3/32

Item #: MCKAY-S401532
Qty In Stock: 0
Diameter: 3/32""
Length: 12""
Material: Mild Steel
Type: Stick Weld Rod
Tensile Strength: 79800 psi
Container Type: Box
Elongation in 2"": 0.29
Polarity: DCEP
Class: E6010
Yield Strength: 67100 psi
Product Weight: 5.0 lbs.
Notes: This new red-coated Sureweld 10P is an all-position cellulosic electrode developed for the pipe welding industry in order to improve ductility in the weld deposit while maintaining the standard welding characteristics needed for a pipe welding electrode. Sureweld 10P produces a steady; deep penetrating arc and maintains the proper keyhole in an open root. This electrode will produce X-ray quality joints in flat; horizontal; overhead; vertical-up; and vertical-down procedures. Recommended for welding API grades A25; A; B; and X42 pipe and general structural; ship; barge; and storage tank fabrication. It may also be used for welding root passes in higher grade pipe in some circumstances.

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